tackling health inequalities in Torbay and Devon
Hikmat Devon CIC
Hikmat Devon CIC,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthContact

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,921,165

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose

Abbey Recreational Crafts (A.R.C.)

Torquay £14,208 This new two-year project is from a group of disabled and elderly residents of Torquay who have a shared interest in arts and craft and wish to meet up every week to do some crafts work, have a coffee and a chat in a social environment. They want to bring in outside tutors to teach them new skills and crafts, and to open the group out to other people in the community who may benefit both from having a go a different crafts and activities and from the social aspects of the group.  

Many Directions CIC

Barnstaple £25,000 A new 20-month project seeking to facilitate weekly dance and drama sessions for adults with learning disabilities in Barnstaple, based on the story of Don Quixote (the Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, published in two volumes, in 1605 and 1615) and its key themes of adventure and imagination. For many of the organisations members access to adventurous experiences can be challenging, so sessions will be designed to let imaginations run wild and enable participants to step outside of their daily routine and meet new people.

Princetown Pavilion Youth Club

Princetown £42,591 Moor Play in Princetown is a new two-year proposal within an existing project which aims to provide a range of active and creative activities specifically focussing on younger children in Princetown. It will also organise a number of community and family events to help raise awareness and engage the community. The project will be led by a committee made up of a majority of young people who came up with and designed the project.

Riviera FM Ltd

Torquay £26,016 This new two-year project is looking to establish a Recovery Radio Channel for Torbay run by and for people in recovery. The idea developed from media training sessions for people in recovery held in 2016/17. The project will run media skills courses and volunteer sessions for participants to develop radio content. The project will be led by a sub-committee made up of participants.

Teignmouth Recycled Art in Landscape (TRAIL)

Teignmouth £22,560 This new two-year project aims to deliver twice weekly sessions and longer monthly sessions where residents around a street in Teignmouth will create outdoor art, largely from recycled materials. There will be a monthly theme and activities may include recycling/upcycling Christmas waste into useful and artistic items, murals, river beach improvements and seagull-proofing waste bins. This participant-led project facilitated by experienced artists will create a safe space for social interaction for 45 participants, where they will be able to meet new people and form friendships, and develop skills and confidence. The resulting artwork will improve the physical environment of Teignmouth and raise environmental awareness with residents and visitors, thus benefitting the whole community.

Upstream Healthy Living Centre

Crediton £17,962 This new one-year project aims to deliver a weekly community action forum for older carers in Lapford, mid-Devon, alongside weekly activities for those cared for. Benefiting 20 people per week, the project will provide the opportunity for carers to focus on their own interests and to build up an informal support network; meanwhile, those cared for will be able to enjoy activities of their choice such as seated exercise, stories and verse, or learning IT skills. Links will be developed through visits by people from other community and activity groups (including those from other nearby villages) and the local primary school, which will enable participants to meet and make links with many new people, including those from other age groups. 

Crafty Fox Cafe 'n' Hub

Paignton £41,663 This existing two-year project has developed out of a previous community hub project in the Foxhole/ Blatchcombe Rd area of Paignton and it now seeks to further develop the advice and guidance, training, activity and social opportunities it offers to local residents. The project is led by a management committee of local residents and the hub and café are staffed by local volunteers.

The Youth Enquiry Service Brixham LTD

Brixham £37,140 This existing two-year project aims to deliver weekly music sessions for residents of Brixham. Supported by experienced music practitioners, local residents will learn music of their choosing from a variety of genres and on a range of instruments, and perform this to the wider public at live music events every three months. Performing music will help participants to share skills, forge new friendships and make links with others in the wider community through the live music performances, which it is hoped will expand post-project to other venues.

Barton Acorn Youth, Community & Sports Centre

 Torquay  £23,990 This new two-year project aims to provide support and advice to residents of Barton, Torquay, on issues affecting their lives, as well a space for them to share social activities such as cookery, arts, music and sport. The sessions seek to empower residents to improve their own situations. Led by a steering group of participants and with a variety of ways in which to provide feedback, local residents will be able to make friends with other people in similar situations, share concerns and become more involved in their local community.
Kingsway Residents Association (KRA)      West Teignmouth  £46,811 This new two-year project aims to create stronger connections between isolated people over the age of 50 in west Teignmouth. It will do this through a range of social activities designed for residents to enjoy each other’s company whilst taking part in activities that they are interested in. A management group of six participants will lead the project.
Proud2Be CIC  Torbay  £31,080 This two year project will expand the delivery of an existing programme of activities for 504 LGBT people living in the Torbay, Teignbridge and South Hams areas of Devon. It aims to bring the LGBT community together for mutual support, including their friends and families, and to enable members to develop better support networks and increase their self-confidence and resilience. Participants will lead the development of the project through regular feedback as well as the potential to join the Proud2Be Action Group who meet monthly to plan all groups and events. 
Watcombe Community Association  Watcombe  £17,084 This new two-year project aims to provide a weekly programme of activities including: lunch club, bingo, youth activities, board games, knitting, table tennis, quiz, arts and crafts, exercise classes, cooking and parent and toddler sessions to residents in Watcombe, Torquay. The project aims to meet the social needs of the community, enabling residents to develop self-help solutions to local problems. 
Woodend Project Limited  Torquay  £20,863 This new 18-month project aims to support local people to gain the skills and confidence to be able to grow vegetables, and cook healthy, seasonal meals.  It will use the experience of residents who have previously been involved in growing in the area. The project will be based in Torquay, and aims to address social or emotional isolation.
Blatchcombe Community
Paignton £12,432 This new two-year project will see the development of a community hub in the shopping area of Foxhole, Paignton. The hub will provide local people with a range of opportunities from job seeker support, arts and crafts activities, and advice and support services, as well as somewhere for local people to drop in a have a cup of tea and a chat. The project seeks to address issues around social and emotional isolation, general community and neighbourhood work and housing, insecure accommodation and poor housing.
Hikmat Devon CIC Barnstaple £15,936 This existing two-year project aims to deliver the continuation of the Sweetie Ladies Group supporting isolated Black and Minority Ethnic women living in rural North Devon, providing opportunities to meet new people, reduce isolation and learn new skills.
Imagine - Torbay Multicultural Group CIC Paignton £24,409 This new two-year project aims to deliver a programme of ESOL tuition, employability skills and other activities based on cross-cultural skills-sharing and interaction.
Many Directions Theatre Company Bideford £12,441 This new one-year project aims to set up a dance project in tandem with the local library in Bideford, North Devon. As the participants are people with learning disabilities, traditional ideas of literacy are quite challenging and the applicant would like to create an "Our Stories" project in which they work creatively with the library to look at how they can enjoy stories in other ways, in particular through movement and dance.
Princetown Pavilion Youth Club Princetown £47,223 This new two-year project aims to deliver music-based activities for young people and their families, leading to community events in Princetown, Devon.
Seize the Moment Ltd Bideford £47,470 This is a development of an existing Trust funded project for a further two years. The project will support a steering group of Northam residents to deliver various activities for the community. The activities will include cookery, sewing, gardening. The project will address issues of general community and neighbourhood work, social and emotional isolation and unemployment.
Torbay Recovery Information Project Torbay £48,881 This is a continuation of an existing project for a further two years, which will deliver a drop-in support service and an additional 216 activity sessions of gardening, fishing and social activity for residents of Torbay who are in recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction.
Youth Genesis Trust Ltd Torquay £5,490 This two-year project is based on an existing idea which young people aged 11-16 living in the Plainmoor area of Torquay wish to develop. A weekly youth drop-in session will be offered; providing games, support and workshops around issues affecting the young people.
Bideford Bay Creatives  Torridge £19,034 This new 14-month project aims to deliver a programme of creative and historical activities to the local community to celebrate its local heritage in line with the new development of Brunswick Wharf. The project aims to teach local residents about the history and importance of the Wharf and unite the two neighbourhoods living on opposite sides of the river Torridge.
Exeter Community Centre Trust  Exeter £14,330 This new 13-month project aims to create a sensory garden which will be cultivated and tiled by local volunteers and school children. It builds on a previous Trust grant by upgrading recently worked space attached to the building. Local residents will take part in monthly workshops to design and create tiles for the space, culminating in a community event to celebrate the opening of the new sensory garden. Based in central Exeter, the project addresses issues relating to physical and sensory disability, general community and neighbourhood work and poor physical environment.
Hand in Hand  Teignbridge £17,000 This new two-year project aims to deliver a resident-led programme of community activities. The project will start with a series of small coffee mornings organised by volunteers for residents to feedback what they would like to see in their community. As a result of this engagement, appropriate groups would be set up with taster sessions run to determine if there is interest and, if sufficient, the groups would then run on a regular weekly or monthly basis based on feedback from residents. A small start-up budget would be allocated to the groups to meet costs of advertising and materials.
St David's Neighbourhood Partnership  Exeter £7,180 This new nine-month project will enable the development of new leaflet outlining community priorities for the neighbourhood as a result of ongoing engagement work with local residents. The project will put together words and pictures that will provide an update to the previous 10-year vision from 2003. The project seeks to address issues around general community and neighbourhood work, social and emotional isolation and poor physical environment.
The United Community Centre Northam  £17,184 This two-year project will provide a lead youth worker for the group’s twice-weekly youth club sessions which take place at the United Community Centre in Northam, Devon. The sessions will serve 15-20 young people from a local estate (Morwenna) and from the local village. The aspiration is that the participating young people develop confidence and team-working and get involved in the development of an allotment and other activities which take place at the Centre such as its lunch club.
Yard Creative Media  Torridge £29,108 This new two-year project aims to use the power of film to capture the opinions, hopes and dreams of local residents which will be used to design community activities to meet local needs. The group will train 10 local people to become community champions who will film local people to gather their opinions and identify their needs. They will then plan, organise and deliver community activities based on the outcomes from the film which meet the needs of the people.
CentrePeace  Torbay £40,280 This 24-month project is based on a pilot carried out in 2014. It will train and support volunteer ‘Listeners’ to befriend local residents who are elderly or isolated. The ‘Listeners’ will deliver outreach sessions in people’s homes, or at wellbeing sessions where isolated people can gather for social activities such as craft and story-telling. The project will run in Paignton. 
Doorstep Arts CIC  Torbay £14,430 This new 15-month project (based on a pilot) will run a weekly drama club for 11-13-year-olds from four local schools. The project will support these pupils in their transition to secondary school and will operate in Hele, Torquay. It will address issues relating to; social or emotional isolation; risk of offending; and risk of poor educational attainment
Manaton & East Dartmoor Theatre  Manaton £21,569 This new two-year project will support children and volunteers to run an after-school film club at Princetown Primary School enabling children to make their own films and showcase them to the community. The project will be led by the children who will be trained in film-making skills, and will then host a community screening of their final film. The scheme is in response to a lack of social and creative activities available for children living in this remote high moor community.
Townstal Community Partnership  South Hams £8,350 This new two-year project will see local residents of Townstal estate organise a series of drop-in sessions/coffee mornings with different activities and themes. The objective is to provide an environment for local residents to meet each other, share ideas and experiences and potentially form friendships and support networks in order to build community cohesion. The group will also trial some popup conversation cafes out in the community.
Princetown Pavillion
Youth Club
Princetown £24,999 This new two-year project aims to expand youth club provision in the village of Princetown and organise family and community events to bring residents together.
Ellacombe Community
Ellacombe £40,000 This new two-year project is to employ a Centre Manager coordinate a programme of community activities from a community shop in Ellacombe.
Foxhole Community Centre Paignton £48,586 This new two-year project aims to establish a range of food growing activities that could be enjoyed by the residents of two neighbouring but traditionally separate areas in Paignton: Foxhole and Queen Elizabeth Drive (QED).
Health and Local Food
for families
Axminster £19,138 This new two-year project aims to run cooking sessions for young people who attend a youth club on the Littleham estate in Exmouth. It is hoped that young people will improve their teamwork, communication and leadership skills.
Swim Torquay Limited Torquay £48,474 This new two-year project aims to deliver a range of swimming pool based sessions for the residents of Plainmoor and Ellacombe in Torquay. The project will target parents and toddlers, school children and older residents.
Barton Acorn Youth,
Community & Sports Centre
Torquay £24,570 This two-year project will build on a pilot undertaken over the past 12 months, and deliver a programme of family activities to improve local families’ life opportunities.
Kingsway Residents Association Teignmouth £44,266 This new two-year project is to run a range of arts and social activities for the residents of west Teignmouth.
Magic Carpet (Exeter) Exeter £37,051 This new two-year project aims to provide regular arts sessions open to all residents of Newtown in Exeter. The sessions will lead up to regular public exhibitions of work, performances and installations.
St Matthew's Community Preschool Exeter £12,423 This new two-year project aims to deliver a fortnightly programme of outdoor trips for a pre-school group based in Exeter. The trips will enable young children aged 3-5 to have a greater access to nature.
Heles Angels Torquay £22,573 To create a community allotment within the area of Hele in Torquay; this will run as a social enterprise, growing and selling plants and crops. The project will bring together residents of all ages and provide focused volunteering opportunities that enable local people to take on new skills and roles.
Open Door Exmouth Exmouth £40,000 To provide opportunities for men to socialise, build friendships and find purpose in order to address isolation and unemployment through general community and neighbourhood work.  The applicants hope to initiate activities which will relieve feelings of boredom which can lead to depression, addiction, unemployment, isolation and aggression through a project that involves mentoring by retired men to younger ones who lack positive role models.
Centrepeace Paignton £50,000 This new two-year project builds on a recently opened volunteer-run community centre in Paignton through the appointment of a manager to ensure successful management of the centre meeting demand and ambitions.  The manager will recruit and co-ordinate volunteers, maintain and expand services/activities and make sure the enterprise is fully operational.
(South West) CIC
Ilfracombe £32,080 To build on existing work with working age and retired adults who have no local family support, live in poor housing stock and who have complex health conditions living in Ilfracombe.
Seize the Moment Ltd Morewna Park £43,670 To enlist, enable and train local volunteers from Morewnna Park (Devon), particularly young adults and their families, to run the local community centre and provide a range of activities to benefit local people.
Teign Heritage Ltd Teignmouth £45,853 To create an oral and photographic project that will enable the older people of West Teignmouth to get their experiences heard as a contribution to the collection held at the Teign Heritage Centre about the town's history.
The Lupton Trust Brixham £35,595 To transform an overgrown 4-acre orchard on the edge of Brixham into a community resource.
Devon United Women Exeter £10,000 To run a ‘cultural cooking project’ to encourage women from diverse backgrounds to come together and enjoy one another’s company over food preparation and sharing.
Future Shores Torbay £38,720 To inspire and give new skills to local people in an intergenerational collaboration based around fashion.
Neighbourworks CIC Exeter £22,270 To set 'Knit Stop' groups in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Exeter, and to train and support volunteer facilitators to nurture their group.
Newton Abbot Community Interest Company Newton Abbot £46,680 To run a programme of community events and activities including IT training, sports groups and cooking courses and will be run by a residents' steering group.
Olive Tree Association Exeter £36,000 To run six, 14-week participatory photography courses that will enable local residents to identify and document an issue or problem that affects them and the people and communities around them.
St Sidwells Community Centre Exeter £48,392 To build on the work of the existing community café in Exeter to bring local people of all ages and ethnicities together to grow; source; cook; teach; learn; exchange; share; and sell nutritious and affordable produce and prepared food.
Torbay Recovery Information Project Torbay £35,605 To employ two part-time staff from the Drug and Alcohol Community in Torquay with the aim of ensuring that the group always has someone available to meet and greet new members and support them to maintain their recovery through information, opportunities to join in what’s on offer at the drop-in or take up volunteering.
Wolf and Water Arts Company Ilfracombe £13,190 To run a weekly ‘movement club’ for residents of Ilfracombe with and without mental health problems.
Exeter Community Centre Trust Exeter £25,000 To involve 130 new and established residents and users of the centre such as refugees and blind people to build social ties. People will be recruited to volunteer in seven streams of activities such as collecting memories of the centre, history of the neighbourhood, creating perspectives of the neighbourhood in artwork and text and develop the community garden.
South West Foundation Torbay £25,000 Enable the group to train 15-20 local people in the Tormohun Ward of Torbay to undertake research in their community, investigate community needs and then identify solutions.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
organicARTS Ide £10,000 Help maintain and develop a community garden, which is based on an organic farm in Ide. The volunteers will plan, grow and harvest vegetables to make a communal lunch shared with the farm workers and visitors and will work with wildlife experts to identify wildlife in the garden and on the farm and learn about ways to encourage wildlife.
Home-Start Torbay Paignton £9,850 Provide specially trained volunteers who can respond at short notice to families in urgent need of short-term support. They will offer friendship, guidance and practical support to help reduce the risk of families reaching breaking point, through struggling on their own with issues such as bereavement, postnatal depression, post-operative recovery etc.
Many Directions Theatre North Devon  £8,200 To run a 12-month programme of weekly dance and movement workshops especially designed for people with learning disabilities living in North Devon.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Scope   £38,227 Maintain a Face 2 Face service to support parents' of children, newly diagnosed with a disability, come to terms with the situation and build stronger networks and circles of support.
Scope   £44,190 Scope's Face 2 Face project supports parents of disabled children at the time of diagnosis, including the pre-diagnosis stage, by providing empathetic, non-judgemental and practical support delivered by professionally trained volunteer parent befrienders, themselves parents of disabled children.
Children's Food Trust   £44,069 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
Sustrans   £43,357 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.


This existing two-year project aims to deliver weekly music

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